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Shandong Farin International Trade co., ltd was established in 2016, is a integrating stock group company in researching and developing, manufacturing and trade company as well as the after sales service. Our products including window machines, insulating glass processing machines, wrapper pallet packing machines as well as all kinds of relative products in PVC/Aluminum/Metal processing industry.

Depend on advanced technology, excellent quality and service, reasonable price, our products has been exported to more than 30 countries and districts, such as Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Middle East.


With the developing of the brand efficiency in the international market, Farin Machine increase the investment constantly into the R&D department, in ensuring the stably of the existing products, we constantly absorb quintessence experience of the industry, so that ensure our technology always in the advanced position. Meanwhile, Farin Machine constantly strengthen internal management, so as to realize much more benefit and make great development from the advanced manage method.

With our management idea “let’s offer the excellent serves for you!”, we created a newly development road and edged into famous brand of the world!


Sincerely hope to grow up hand in hand and have good future altogether. 

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